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Although the Eritrean Constitution states that all nine ethnic languages in the country are equal, the government of Eritrea has two administrative languages: Tigrinya and Arabic. Tigrinya is a Semitic language also spoken by the Tigreans of Ethiopia. In Eritrea the Tigrinya people are referred to as Biher-Tigrinya people or the "Kebessa" people, kebessa meaning Eritrean highlands. Both the Tigrinya and Tigre tribes in Eritrea are very close kin to the ethnic group Tigrayans in Tigray, Ethiopia. All the Tigrinyas, Tigre, and Tigrayans peoples were supposedly from the same group until the 8th Se hela listan på The Tigrinya tribe, known as Tigretes, were first mentioned alongside the Tigre people around 1000 BC near Adulis. Tigrinyas, Tigrayans and Tigre. In Eritrea the Tigrinya people are referred to as Biher-Tigrinya people or the "Kebessa" people, kebessa meaning Eritrean highlands.

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Eri-TV, Eritrea (Official). Eri-TV  1 Apr 2021 The Eritrean Plateau joins the Ethiopian highlands and is similar in Main languages: Tigrinya, Afar, Beni Amer, Tigre (Tegre), Saho, Arabic. The other languages are Tigre, Afar, Saho, Bega, Bilen, Nara and Kunama. Tigrinya, spoken by at least half the Eritrean population, has its own script derived  performed, my Eritrean colleagues and their translations, the critical comments all, we are working in six languages: Tigre, Bilen, Arabic, Tigrinya, English and. -Muslims are found writing Tigre with Arabic script, while Christians and the Eritrean government use a Ge'ez or Ethiopian alphabet.

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It belongs to the North Ethiopic subdivision of the South Semitic languages and is primarily spoken by the Tigre people in Eritrea. Along with Tigrinya, it is believed to be the most closely related living language to Ge'ez, which is still in use as the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Tigre has lexical Tigre is a sister language to Amharic and Tigrinya.

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The suffix -nya means worker or one who works. So, when -nya is attached to Tigre it means one who is Tigre or one who belongs to the Tigre. The language of the Tigre people is never referred to as Tigrinya, just Tigre so it can be distinguished from the other tribes, Tigray and Tigrinya. Tigre, also spelled Tigray, or Tigrai, people inhabiting northwestern Eritrea and limited areas of neighbouring Sudan. The Tigre speak Tigré , a Semitic language related to ancient Geʿez and to modern Tigrinya, the language of the Tigray people. Tigre, better known in Eritrea by its autonym Tigrayit, is an Afroasiatic language spoken in the Horn of Africa. It belongs to the North Ethiopic subdivision of the South Semitic languages and is primarily spoken by the Tigre people in Eritrea.

Nara Kunama Hedareb Bilen Afar Saho Tigrinja Tigre Rashaida Afar kunama  Start studying Eritrea av Yordanos. Learn vocabulary I Eritrea talar man tigrinja, tigre, kunama, saho, beja, bilen, nara, afar och rashida. Det är soligt och  Köp English Tigrigna Dictionary av Abdel Rahman på Semitic language spoken by the Tigray-Tigrinya people in central Eritrea. Språk, Tigré.
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10 min. Tsaeda Emba i Tigray-regionen. Utsatta tigreaner i Addis Abeba.

If you are using a Microsoft Windows computer, download either GeezMahtemUnicode Font OR Download GeezTypeNet Font and save it under your system's "Fonts" folder. If you are using an Andriod based phone, Se hela listan på In official papers distributed by the Eritrean Government, the 'language' (Tigrinya) is used as an ethnic term of the group (1998, Kjetil Tronvoll, P. 30).
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Even more confusing for some is that there is another ethnic group in Eritrea that are Tigre speakers, too. However, the Tigre people speak Tigre, a related but different language. Tigrinya & Tigre Names.

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The three major forms we now refer to are "sister" languages, all jointly developing from the one language in parallel. GeezIME is the easiest and most powerful way to type Geez script on Android, iOS, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Web. GeezIME 2020 is a fresh design and supports beyond Geez languages! Some of the main features: + Supports multiple Geez languages: Tigrinya, Amharic, Tigre, and Blin. + Consistent typing system across GeezIME editions in other platforms (Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS). + Use Who Needs a Story? is an anthology of poetry written in Tigrinya, Tigre and Arabic over three decades (sixties to the nineties) and contains English translations of thirty-six poems by twenty-two contemporary poets. Most of the poets participated in the Eritrean struggle for independence (1961-991) as freedom fighters and/or Dance plays a very important social role in Eritrea.